Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#MWTease No One Until Her #Erotic #Menage @EvernightPub

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Master Devon paused in front of me. A door opened, and I followed him through toward the private rooms Chantelle had shown me the week before. Soft carpet caressed my bare feet as we passed a few doors lining the hallway.
He opened one and stepped through, off to the side.
Unable to help myself, I lifted my head for a quick peek while walking in. Huge-ass bed with cuffs dangling from all four posts, a padded spanking bench, a few chains and rings dangling from the ceiling for stringing someone up—
Another swat from behind heated my ass. I swallowed back a curse.
“A curious one,” Master Devon said from my left.
And one definitely turned on by pain. My face heated. I usually owned whatever I said or did, but my body’s release of moisture seeped past the already soaked thong and coated the inside of my thighs, making me want to cover up.
“Do you have any hard limits, Bella?” Master Kaden asked from behind me as I fought to keep my hands at my side.
“I don’t know,” I replied, my voice breathless and all but begging for more of whatever he had hit me with.
“You know your safe words.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Blindfold her,” Master Kaden said.
Damn it. I wanted to see everything, know which man touched me. Watch Master Kaden’s face as he whipped me—see if I could get a better read on him. See if inflicting pain excited him as much as I hoped the receiving would for me.
“Yellow,” I whispered, gaze on the floor.
The warmth of a body pressed close to my backside but didn’t touch. “Scared of the dark, Bella?” Master Kaden’s raspy voice sent shivers from my head down to my clit. I managed to nod while breathing in his woodsy scent.
“The truth, Bella, or I’ll have to punish you,” Master Kaden said, the heat of his breath caressing my lobe.
“I’m scared of the dark.” My voice trembled with the lie, but punishment had never sounded so damn good—especially from someone who smelled so damn good. He was Axe times ten.
The warmth left, and I opened my eyes to find his leather-clad legs and boots in a wide stance in front of me.
“Take a good long look if that’s what you want, but know it comes at a price.”
“A price, Sir?”
“One minute under my flogger for every second spent satisfying your curiosity.”
Flogger. Hmm. I’d read about those nasty bitches with their leather strips smacking and stinging, but I had to know. I lifted my head, my eyes snagging on the leather-encased bulge again, but eventually moving upward over ripped abs and toned pecs. His full bottom lip and perfectly bowed top one made my own tingle with the need to caress. My tongue salivated over the light scruff lining his square jaw. I stared into the cold depths of his blue eyes and shivered. Never had I ever met a man so closed off, so unwilling to be known.
I forced my attention to the man on my left. Unlike the ice god, Master Devon’s eyes sparkled with heat and mirth. “Bella.”
I couldn’t help my smile. Built, yes, and handsome, too, but his presence didn’t shoot lightning bolts down through me like Master Kaden’s. “Do I call you Master Devon?”
“Not tonight, doll.” His smile widened as he took his time checking out my peaked nipples. “Tonight, I sub alongside you.”
The heat from Master Kaden’s body once more came into my personal space but didn’t touch. I needed to know if I affected him even remotely close to how much he did me. With boldness, I looked up full in his face.
A flash of something crossed his gaze, but damn, what it was beat the hell out of me.
He peered down his nose at me. “You’ve never subbed before.”
I continued to hold his gaze without a word since he hadn’t voiced the sentence as a question.
“Pain turns you on.”
My ass cheeks still stung and stretched tight, like rubber bands—and I wanted more if the obvious state of my slickened thighs was any indication. “It would seem so, Sir.”
“No man has ever laid a hand on you with the purpose of using pain to heighten your release?”
He studied me, revealing nothing of what he thought. God, how I wanted to spew a million questions. Pick his brain, learn him and his ways. What drove him, why he enjoyed dishing out what I was getting tired of waiting for.
“What makes you tick?” I heard the words, but didn’t realize they came from my mouth until he frowned.
“Rope and spreader bar, Devon.”
Heart thundering, I stared up at Master Kaden as drawers opened and closed. Soft footfalls came close, and I finally tore my gaze away from icy depths to a heated one.
“Are you sure about this, Bella?” Devon asked me, his voice low as Master Kaden walked over to one of the dressers. “You don’t seem the submissive type.”
I tore my gaze off his tight ass. “I’m sure.”
The corner of Devon’s mouth rose as he dropped the rope and bar at my feet and wrapped an arm around me to flick open my bra. “Glad to hear it, because I can’t wait to hear your cries, your moans.” He leaned in against me and slowly pulled the straps down my arms. “I can’t wait to hear you beg for release.”


Kaden Quinn has life by the balls and enjoys his side job as a Dom in a downtown Boston BDSM club. What he doesn’t want—or need—is a pseudo-sub trying to shred the veil that protects his painful past.

When untamed Livi Risso's insatiable need to get to the bottom of a story leads her to an exclusive kink club, her curiosity ignites upon meeting a restrained Dom who refuses to touch her.

Kaden feigns disinterest while scening, but that doesn’t stop Livi from experiencing intimacy like she’s never imagined. When one misstep leaves Kaden shaken, will Livi be the one to break down his wall against love?

Be Warned: BDSM, menage scening, multiple partners, flogging, spanking, paddling