Wednesday, April 12, 2017

#MWTease Longing for Her #Erotic #Romance #RissoFamily

This week's tease comes from Cole's story in Longing for Her, Risso Family #2.
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Determined to talk to Gwen before night’s end, I bided my time. While everyone enjoyed cocktails at the restaurant, I refrained, my grave expression drawing more than one inquiry from Mom.

Intuitive to the point I believed in a sixth sense, our mother always knew when one of her kids struggled or suffered. I’d caught Lia glancing between me and Gwen a couple of times too, as the minutes dragged by.

Gwen pushed back from the table. “Bathroom,” I heard her mumble to Lia on her right. “Be right back.”

A quick glance around showed no one was watching. Adrenaline pumped through my body as I slipped out of my seat and followed her.

I entered the two-stall ladies’ room and, discovering only one occupied, I locked the door behind me.

Humming beneath her breath, Gwen did her business, flushed, and slid the bolt back.

She stepped out of the stall and stumbled to a stop, her eyes wide. “What the hell, Cole?”

We need to talk.”

There’s nothing to talk about.” She stepped to the sink and turned on the water full blast.

Arms crossed to hide my shaking hands, I waited as she took her good old time. Heart thumping like mad, I filled my eyes with her profile—smooth skin, pert, slightly upturned nose, and pursed lips.

Once the hand dryer shut off, she heaved a deep breath and faced me, fists at her sides. “Excuse me.”

I’m not moving until you hear me out.” A trace of strawberries teased my nose, sending a rush of blood south.

She glanced at the door behind me, and the fire extinguished in her hazel-green eyes. “You’ve got two minutes.”

The things I could do to you in two minutes…

I squeezed my arms tight to keep from grabbing and hauling her against me.

Her brow rose. “Well?”

I’m…I’m sorry.”

She huffed a breath. “Look, Cole, I understand about your father, your being the next patriarch of the family, and needing to do right by your name. I do.”


But nothing. I have no father. A mother who loves toking up every night.”


She held up a hand. “I’ll never be dignified enough in your father’s eyes. I’ve always known it—and I never should have thrown myself at you.”

Swallowing, I let my arms drop to my sides. “It was the best night of my life.”

Her jaw snapped shut.

I reached out to trace a finger down her soft cheek. “You’re all I think about, Gwen. All I dream about.”

She stepped back from me, her eyes hardening. “I’m the wrong choice, Cole.”

You’re the only one I want.”

Tears filled her eyes, but she straightened, chin lifting. “Yeah, well I had you once and that was enough for me. Get out of my way.”

Numbness descended over me, and I did as she asked while my scrambled thoughts tried to grasp what she had claimed.




  1. That was an intense snippet. I probably would jumped 10 feet in the air, when the bathroom stall door opened and he was standing there.

  2. Wonderful tease. I loved this story! :-D

  3. Sometimes sorry is not enough. Great teaser, Lynn.

  4. I thought he made a good argument. Hope he can convince her another way.