Wednesday, March 7, 2018

#MWTease: "I no longer had my e-reader and its cloud loaded with pussy-tingle-inducing goodies." DIVULGING SECRETS #suspense #romance

This week's tease comes from my latest release, DIVULGING SECRETS, a romantic suspense novella.

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Candace Lake, I signed for at least the five-hundredth time in the previous couple of weeks.

Not bad.

I studied the flowing script, hating I had a new identity, but loving I’d been able to choose it. The first name had popped into mind with no clue where it came from. The last I had taken because of my favorite author. Dark, raw erotic romance and BDSM at its best. Her stories were delicious with a capital D.

But I no longer had my e-reader and its cloud loaded with pussy-tingle-inducing goodies.

Thank God I had been my mother’s sole heir, otherwise I would be at my marshals’ and the government’s mercy, needing to budget out the tiny stipend afforded to others like me for such luxuries.

High concrete walls enclosed my tiny courtyard. Children played in the one beside me, but I’d never met or seen either girl who enjoyed squealing at each other.

A small bungalow in no-man’s-land Maine awaited me, a rental Marshal Taft had set up when I decided Maine would be as good a state as any. A backwoods, quiet place for me to begin my new, unwanted life.

“I’m Candace Lake from the North Shore,” I mumbled to the threatening sky. Seeing as how I had a Boston accent, I couldn’t very well claim I hailed from North Dakota or the sticks of central Pennsylvania.

“I recently lost both parents and decided to head north to escape the heartache. Mountains in my back yard, the ocean less than an hour to the east,” I muttered the lie into the empty air.

A natural, Marshal Taft had said the first time we’d sat down together to go over my new past. He’d thrown question after question at me, and I hadn’t stumbled a single time over the lies. Papa had always said I had an answer for everything. Head-strong, opinionated, and quick-minded, I’d always had a story to cover my ass if late for curfew as a teen. Always had a reasonable excuse for being late with papers in college, too.

I would have made an incredible lawyer—but I would never get the chance.

I needed to make a life for myself, but not draw attention. A boring existence, void of family—and love. A relationship started with lies and hiding one’s true self would never endure the test of daily life together.

Still, better than jail for all the items I had smuggled. Never mind I hadn’t known they were stolen. It was the aiding and abetting Papa. Obstruction of justice … and the list went on.

Once I realized Papa couldn’t escape the consequences for his life as a criminal, I caved to the pressure. Pointed fingers and spilled my guts. Selfish, but necessary.

Witness protection or protective custody. Who wouldn’t choose the first?

One last psychological exam, and I would be ushered down the hushed, carpeted hallway I’d entered the capitol’s hideout by, security cameras at every turn, doors swishing open and shut as though on their own.

Into a van without windows—same as when I’d arrived at Dulles—back into a tiny jet bound for Portland.

A rain drop landed on my notebook, smearing my new signature, not that my chicken scratch wasn’t already ineligible, anyway. Hand on the door knob, notebook slash diary clutched to my chest, I gazed around the only exterior space I’d been allowed in weeks.

I had written every day while sitting at the plastic table. Drank my coffee in the hard chair, imagining the sun rise as the sky above my concrete jail lightened. Wrapped in a blanket, jotting down a memoir that wouldn’t be given the chance to leave the WITSEC safe house.

A waste of time and energy, but I’d had nothing else on which to spend my time.

In the morning, I would leave for Maine. In the morning, I became Candace Lake for real. Lila Scorzoni would always haunt the shadows of my mind, but I felt confident I wouldn’t blow my cover.

But I was confident, too, in Papa’s associates to exact revenge on the one who had single-handedly brought down their lucrative, illegal business. 


  1. Fabulous tease from a great story! :-)

  2. Enticing! Definitely want to read more.

  3. Why do I get the feeling this isn't going to be as straightforward as she thought? Faboo tease, Lynn!

  4. Great setup for what's coming. Good job.

  5. I'm wondering how much she wants that new life. She seems to be taking it a lot more rationally than emotionally. No really a good sign for her grieving process.