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BEST WORST EVER by L.D. Blakeley #MMRomance #ContemporaryRomance @LDBlakeley

Thanks for having me on today to tell you about Best Worst Ever. This story was my very first to be published so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I recently had my rights reverted, and knew I didn't want this novella to simply fade away. So I decided to give my boys a bit of a spruce-up. I redid the cover art, revised and edited the story and made it available once more. I hope you enjoy. :-)


Best Worst Ever By L.D. Blakeley
Erotic Romance, MM, Friends-to-Lovers
Available: April 13, 2017
Published: LDB Books

Carey English spends his days planning extravagant parties and lavish weddings and generally making people’s lives brighter. He spends his nights wishing for a man he doesn’t have to share and who won’t try to drag him back into the closet. It doesn’t help that the man he wants most doesn’t need a closet to begin with — his straight best friend, Sky.

Skyler Wood has been dumped — again — just days before the holiday season, leaving him with an ex-fiancée, a nonrefundable New Year’s Eve getaway rental, and nothing to ring in the New Year but a broken heart. For Carey, rushing off to offer Sky a shoulder will either be the best decision he’s ever made—or it will lead to the worst heartbreak he’s ever experienced.

✽This is an edited & revised version of a previously published story. It has been expanded by approximately 1,400 words.✽


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If there was one thing he knew about Sky, it was that he was as frugal as the day was long. And, judging by the other places he’d passed along the way, he was guessing the impressive exterior of this place matched a rather swanky, if not romantic, interior. Of course, idiot. Sky had rented the place thinking he’d be with his fiancée. Not his best friend.

He parked next to his friend’s SUV and stubbornly grabbed more than he could carry at once. Why make two trips when you can do it in one? Necessity might be the mother of invention, but laziness was definitely its big, bad daddy. Laden down with a suitcase and far too many bags of food and liquor, Carey used the toe of his boot to gently knock at the front door. “Sky? You in there? My hands are full, man, come open the door.” When there was no response, he tried again with the tip of his boot. “Mr. Darcy, are—”

His sentence was cut short as the door flew open. “Jesus! Hold your horses, Logan. I couldn’t hear you with the water running. I was just in the…”

Shower. He’d been in the shower. Carey knew this, not because he suddenly had the ability to read minds. Oh, no. He knew this because there, in front of him, stood all six foot four inches of Darcy Skyler Wood… dripping wet with nothing but a towel slung low around his hips. Shit.

Don’t stare. Don’t stare at that solitary drop of water as it slowly slides its way between the hard, flat planes of those perfect pecs. And for the love of all that’s holy, do not stare at anything even remotely near the edge of that towel! But Carey never was any good at taking orders.


✽ Joyfully Jay (“… hot enough to melt the snow…fun, witty banter…”)
✽ Hearts on Fire Reviews (“…sexy and lovely.”)
✽ MM Good Book Reviews (“a great friend to lovers story… a very sweet ending.”)
✽ My Fiction Nook (“…humorous, and snarky banter…”)
✽ Prism Book Alliance (“… warm and sensual chemistry together that is just yummy.”)
✽ Rainbow Book Reviews (“…excellent fantasy fodder… sassy!”)


L.D. Blakeley is a pragmatist with a romantic soul & a dirty mind. She loves horror movies, hot sex, and happily ever afters. She’s easily distracted by shiny things, and is a slightly neurotic, highly ambitious dreamer who enjoys dabbling in photography & pretending she can carry a tune.

In another life, L.D. was a newspaper reporter, an entertainment & music writer, travel writer, website content editor, and a marketing shill. Now she prefers to spend her time writing hot, steamy fiction (with a healthy dose of romance) about intriguing, sexy men. Although she dreams of living some place isolated with an endless supply of wine and an infinite number of titles on her eReader, she currently lives in downtown Toronto with her husband and their rock star cat.

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It's here! Prowlers & Growlers Boxed Set ~ All New Titles by USA Today, International & Award Winning Authors @GinaKincade #99cent #shifters #pnr #romance @wolfpackreads

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#MWTease Complete with Her #RissoFamily #Erotic #Romance

This week's tease comes from Bastian's story in Complete with Her, Risso Family #3.

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Like a sick bastard, I had watched her for weeks. Being a chicken-shit when it came to women, I didn’t have the balls to approach her. Hell, even my brother, Zane, would have felt a little insecure approaching a woman like the one who lived across the street from my new rental house.

She was a Scarlett Johansson look-a-like with all the curves and wavy blonde hair. Muscular legs disappeared beneath jean cut-offs, and watching them as she climbed her front stoop in the late afternoon sun turned my throat into an arid wasteland. Head down as usual, neighbor-girl passed through her front door, and I let out a groan.

I’d come home early from the extension store I’d opened in Charleston, determined to finally introduce myself. A quick jerk-off over the toilet ensured I had a good chance of not popping a tent for a short time. Very short if she smelled half as lovely as she looked—even if her drab gray shirt appeared big enough to fit me.

I stood, hand on my front doorknob, and inhaled until my lungs hurt. Letting the air hiss between my teeth, I strode outside into the bright sunlight, my focus on the other side of the street and the short walkway lined by flowers and shrubs I imagined led to heaven.

My damn knees shook and my heart thumped like that of a love-struck teenager. I hadn’t crushed so badly since the ninth grade when I dreamed of Mia Salerno wrapping her lips around my cock. There had been a handful of women after her, but not a single one of them had given me butterflies.

Not once had neighbor-girl turned a smile my way. While some might believe she was a snob, her slumped shoulders and avoidance of eye contact made me think otherwise. Shy? Damaged with a shit load of baggage? I wasn’t sure, but one thing I knew: she called to me. Like two lonely souls capable of filling the missing piece of each other. I hoped so, anyway.

Zane would’ve teased the shit out of me for having such girlie thoughts. We shared the same parents, but beyond that we couldn’t have been more different.

Pushing aside thoughts of my brother, I stepped onto my neighbor’s stoop, shook my fists out at my sides, and stretched my neck side to side. I rapped twice.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed the window’s curtain move. My toes tapped in my sandals as seconds boomed passed with each heartbeat in my ears. The deadbolt clicked, and I put on my most charming smile.

Beneath a furrowed brow, gray-blue eyes peered at me through the ajar door. My focus narrowed in on the mole to the left of her mouth. Although a bad scar marred her upper lip, the imperfection didn’t make her lips appear less kissable.

“Hi.” I cleared my throat and tore my stare from the moistened, plump skin tempting my thoughts. “I’ve been meaning to come over and introduce myself. I’m Bastian Risso.”

She glanced down at my outstretched hand.

“I moved into the rental across the street a month ago.”

The door opened another foot. Much shorter than I expected, the top of her head didn’t even reach my chin. “Eve Thompson.” She grasped my hand with a calloused palm.

I almost leaned forward to breathe in whatever hidden scent clung to her skin, but as skittish as she appeared, I figured she’d slam the door in my face. “Nice to meet you, Eve.”

“You too.” Although her voice barely reached my ears, I caught the hint of a slurred accent.

“Nice accent.”

She dropped my hand and scowled. “Fuck off.”

“W-what?” She started to shut the door, but I held up my hand. “Wait. Please. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“It’s not an accent.” The words half-slurred, half-hissed from her lips. “It’s a speech impediment.”
“Either way, it’s sexy as hell.” Heat flooded my face as my thought escaped.

Her eyes widened. “What did you say?”

“Sorry.” I rubbed damp palms down my shorts. “I’m not very good at speaking with beautiful women. It’s just that your voice is … well, attractive.”

She snorted and cocked her head to the side with a “bullshit” curl on her lips. “What do you want, Bastian from across the street?”

“Do you … um … have any oregano?”

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Happy Book Birthday to SHIFTER WOODS: HOWL by Nicola M. Cameron! #Erotic #PNR #Excerpt

Shifter Woods: Howl
Paranormal, Erotic Romance, MF
Word Count: 23,000
Heat Level 4
Published By: Belaurient Press

Laurie wants a news story. Caleb just wants to be left alone. But when the coyote shifters’ paths cross in New Mexico’s Sandia Mountains, Fate steps in and gives them something they never expected—each other.

Reporter Laurie Rivera is on the trail of a white slavery ring when she’s forced to run for her life in the foothills near Sandia Crest. Widowed sheriff and Alpha coyote shifter Caleb Lynch comes across the exhausted reporter and discovers to his shock that Laurie’s also a coyote shifter—and his new heart’s mate.

But Caleb never expected to have another chance at love, and Laurie has a good reason to fear being claimed, especially by an Alpha. As a snowstorm traps them in the sheriff’s cabin, Caleb must find a way around the barriers surrounding Laurie’s heart, and Laurie has to confront her past—and the humans who want her dead—if she wants a chance at her very own “happily ever after.”

Where to Buy


Upstairs, Caleb stretched out in the big, comfortable bed, remembering how Paul Sleeping Turtle, Mike Ivanov and he had used some stout ropes and a lot of good-natured cursing to haul the mattress and box spring and over the loft railing. Anna had stood well out of the way downstairs, laughing at their language as they’d sweated and lugged the damn things upward. That night, however, she’d rewarded him in the newly installed bed, and Mike cheerfully baited him the next day about hearing the noise from a good mile away. 

He’d never brought another woman to the cabin after Anna’s death, never even wanted to. But Laurie was different. He could smell her even up here, her essence rising with the heat from the fireplace and perfuming the loft with the smell of warm, sweet female in heat and in need of a good fucking. 

He had no idea why Laurie had suddenly gone into heat while he was doing the dishes, but the change in her scent was unmistakable. Granted, sometimes an unmated Alpha could send a young, untried female into heat from simple proximity. But Laurie Rivera had to be in her early thirties, and if she was a virgin he’d eat his badge. The view he’d caught of her in the reflection of the kitchen window was of a female openly eyeing him and liking what she saw. 

He grinned at the hand-hewn beams overhead. You know damn well what it means. She’s my mate, whether she likes it or not. 

Which, ironically, was the problem. From what she’d told him, she was skittish as hell about the idea of being claimed. He couldn’t blame her, considering her experiences with her first Alpha. But it certainly messed up any chance he had with her, as well. And he didn’t have the luxury of taking his time and courting her, letting her get to know him over time. The moment the plows came through in the morning, Mike and this Gavin guy would be at the cabin to pick her up. After that, Laurie would be back in the city with her career and her life, never to return. 

Albuquerque isn’t that far, though. 

Oh, yeah? When was the last time you were there? The last time you had time to go there? 

His subconscious—or his coyote, he wasn’t sure—had a point. He had to act tonight before he lost her. So, time to be sneaky. 

He kicked off the blanket, bracing as the cool air hit his bare skin. He usually didn’t sleep naked during winter, but he wanted as much of his own aroma circulating as possible. He’d made a vow, yes, and he would keep it … unless Laurie gave him permission to break it. And the best way to make happen would be to tempt her upstairs with the scent of his desire and the promise of fulfilling her own. 

Running a hand over his chest, he brushed the firm nub of a nipple and the crisp hair that led in a trail down to his groin. He followed it now, wrapping a hand around his soft cock and squeezing. It twitched at the stimulation; when he squeezed again, running his thumb over the upper ridge of the head, it began to thicken lazily.  

He started a light, teasing stroke, not enough to get himself off but more than enough to get fully hard. Closing his eyes, he imagined Laurie climbing the stairs to the loft and his bed. The mattress would dip a bit as she climbed on it, moving on all fours to him. He knew she was the kind of female who, when her mind was made up, would stake her claim. There would be no fear, no anger, nothing but need and the deep knowledge that they belonged together. 

He pictured her straddling his thighs, bending over to give him a deep, luscious kiss. Her breasts would swing forward and he could cup them, relishing the firm weight of them in each hand before he leaned up to take a nipple in his mouth. He already knew how the salt of her sweat and the sweet spice of her skin would taste, and how to rub the velvet flat of his tongue across the nub to make her gasp. He wanted to learn all the sounds she made in bed, the feminine moans and sighs that were music to a male’s ears.  

His sweet female would be eager that first time, taking him in hand and guiding his straining cock between her legs. He groaned as he imagined the hot, wet squeeze of her sliding down around him, a perfect fit that would drive him out of his mind. She’d start riding him, her breasts jiggling with each rise and fall, and that perfect friction building between cock and cunt, all hot juices and slippery softness and his dick going deeper and deeper into her until he could feel the electricity rising, building at that sweet spot between balls and spine… 

He pulled his hand away, half-enjoying the sparking, stuttering feeling of having his orgasm denied. Now he just had to wait. 

Please, Laurie, I need you. Come to me. 

About Nicola Cameron

Nicola Cameron is a married woman of a certain age who really likes writing about science fiction, fantasy, and sex. When not writing about those things, she likes to make Stuff™. And she may be rather fond of absinthe.
While possessing a healthy interest in sex since puberty, it wasn’t until 2012 that she decided to write about it. The skills picked up during her SF writing career transferred quite nicely to speculative romance. Her To Be Written work queue currently stands at around nineteen books, and her mojito-sodden Muse swans in from Bali every so often to add to the list, cackling to herself all the while.
Nicola plans to continue writing until she drops dead over her keyboard or makes enough money to buy a private island and hire Rory McCann as her personal trainer/masseur, whichever comes first.

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#MWTease Longing for Her #Erotic #Romance #RissoFamily

This week's tease comes from Cole's story in Longing for Her, Risso Family #2.
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Determined to talk to Gwen before night’s end, I bided my time. While everyone enjoyed cocktails at the restaurant, I refrained, my grave expression drawing more than one inquiry from Mom.

Intuitive to the point I believed in a sixth sense, our mother always knew when one of her kids struggled or suffered. I’d caught Lia glancing between me and Gwen a couple of times too, as the minutes dragged by.

Gwen pushed back from the table. “Bathroom,” I heard her mumble to Lia on her right. “Be right back.”

A quick glance around showed no one was watching. Adrenaline pumped through my body as I slipped out of my seat and followed her.

I entered the two-stall ladies’ room and, discovering only one occupied, I locked the door behind me.

Humming beneath her breath, Gwen did her business, flushed, and slid the bolt back.

She stepped out of the stall and stumbled to a stop, her eyes wide. “What the hell, Cole?”

We need to talk.”

There’s nothing to talk about.” She stepped to the sink and turned on the water full blast.

Arms crossed to hide my shaking hands, I waited as she took her good old time. Heart thumping like mad, I filled my eyes with her profile—smooth skin, pert, slightly upturned nose, and pursed lips.

Once the hand dryer shut off, she heaved a deep breath and faced me, fists at her sides. “Excuse me.”

I’m not moving until you hear me out.” A trace of strawberries teased my nose, sending a rush of blood south.

She glanced at the door behind me, and the fire extinguished in her hazel-green eyes. “You’ve got two minutes.”

The things I could do to you in two minutes…

I squeezed my arms tight to keep from grabbing and hauling her against me.

Her brow rose. “Well?”

I’m…I’m sorry.”

She huffed a breath. “Look, Cole, I understand about your father, your being the next patriarch of the family, and needing to do right by your name. I do.”


But nothing. I have no father. A mother who loves toking up every night.”


She held up a hand. “I’ll never be dignified enough in your father’s eyes. I’ve always known it—and I never should have thrown myself at you.”

Swallowing, I let my arms drop to my sides. “It was the best night of my life.”

Her jaw snapped shut.

I reached out to trace a finger down her soft cheek. “You’re all I think about, Gwen. All I dream about.”

She stepped back from me, her eyes hardening. “I’m the wrong choice, Cole.”

You’re the only one I want.”

Tears filled her eyes, but she straightened, chin lifting. “Yeah, well I had you once and that was enough for me. Get out of my way.”

Numbness descended over me, and I did as she asked while my scrambled thoughts tried to grasp what she had claimed.