Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#MWTease Complete with Her #RissoFamily #Erotic #Romance

This week's tease comes from Bastian's story in Complete with Her, Risso Family #3.

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Like a sick bastard, I had watched her for weeks. Being a chicken-shit when it came to women, I didn’t have the balls to approach her. Hell, even my brother, Zane, would have felt a little insecure approaching a woman like the one who lived across the street from my new rental house.

She was a Scarlett Johansson look-a-like with all the curves and wavy blonde hair. Muscular legs disappeared beneath jean cut-offs, and watching them as she climbed her front stoop in the late afternoon sun turned my throat into an arid wasteland. Head down as usual, neighbor-girl passed through her front door, and I let out a groan.

I’d come home early from the extension store I’d opened in Charleston, determined to finally introduce myself. A quick jerk-off over the toilet ensured I had a good chance of not popping a tent for a short time. Very short if she smelled half as lovely as she looked—even if her drab gray shirt appeared big enough to fit me.

I stood, hand on my front doorknob, and inhaled until my lungs hurt. Letting the air hiss between my teeth, I strode outside into the bright sunlight, my focus on the other side of the street and the short walkway lined by flowers and shrubs I imagined led to heaven.

My damn knees shook and my heart thumped like that of a love-struck teenager. I hadn’t crushed so badly since the ninth grade when I dreamed of Mia Salerno wrapping her lips around my cock. There had been a handful of women after her, but not a single one of them had given me butterflies.

Not once had neighbor-girl turned a smile my way. While some might believe she was a snob, her slumped shoulders and avoidance of eye contact made me think otherwise. Shy? Damaged with a shit load of baggage? I wasn’t sure, but one thing I knew: she called to me. Like two lonely souls capable of filling the missing piece of each other. I hoped so, anyway.

Zane would’ve teased the shit out of me for having such girlie thoughts. We shared the same parents, but beyond that we couldn’t have been more different.

Pushing aside thoughts of my brother, I stepped onto my neighbor’s stoop, shook my fists out at my sides, and stretched my neck side to side. I rapped twice.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed the window’s curtain move. My toes tapped in my sandals as seconds boomed passed with each heartbeat in my ears. The deadbolt clicked, and I put on my most charming smile.

Beneath a furrowed brow, gray-blue eyes peered at me through the ajar door. My focus narrowed in on the mole to the left of her mouth. Although a bad scar marred her upper lip, the imperfection didn’t make her lips appear less kissable.

“Hi.” I cleared my throat and tore my stare from the moistened, plump skin tempting my thoughts. “I’ve been meaning to come over and introduce myself. I’m Bastian Risso.”

She glanced down at my outstretched hand.

“I moved into the rental across the street a month ago.”

The door opened another foot. Much shorter than I expected, the top of her head didn’t even reach my chin. “Eve Thompson.” She grasped my hand with a calloused palm.

I almost leaned forward to breathe in whatever hidden scent clung to her skin, but as skittish as she appeared, I figured she’d slam the door in my face. “Nice to meet you, Eve.”

“You too.” Although her voice barely reached my ears, I caught the hint of a slurred accent.

“Nice accent.”

She dropped my hand and scowled. “Fuck off.”

“W-what?” She started to shut the door, but I held up my hand. “Wait. Please. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“It’s not an accent.” The words half-slurred, half-hissed from her lips. “It’s a speech impediment.”
“Either way, it’s sexy as hell.” Heat flooded my face as my thought escaped.

Her eyes widened. “What did you say?”

“Sorry.” I rubbed damp palms down my shorts. “I’m not very good at speaking with beautiful women. It’s just that your voice is … well, attractive.”

She snorted and cocked her head to the side with a “bullshit” curl on her lips. “What do you want, Bastian from across the street?”

“Do you … um … have any oregano?”


  1. Good recovery, Bastian. They seem perfect for each other already. Great teaser, Lynn.

  2. hahaha, he doesn't want oregano. And she's gonna figure that out fast. Great tease.

  3. Fabulous tease! I so loved this story! :-)

  4. Well, that's certainly one way of getting her attention. Excellent tease, Lynn.