Wednesday, May 3, 2017

#MWTease Tempered by Her #RissoFamily #Erotic #BDSM

This week's tease comes from Zane's story in Tempered by Her, Risso Family #4.

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That air of confidence and power oozing from Zane’s gaze dissolved a second before he leaned down to kiss me. But the passion in his kiss, the hunger of his mouth was a thousand times headier than anything I’d ever experienced.

I desired to fall to my knees, do whatever he commanded. Please him until he lost control, fighting back my own needs, but Good Lord … his kiss slayed the anxiety and fear that he only wanted me to warm his bed for a night or two.

He’d called me his angel, and without doubt, he meant it.

Glory hallelujah, Jenny was right.

All other thought fled as he swung me up into his arms, lips searing a line down my neck. “I’m going to leave my marks across your flushed skin, but not tonight, my angel.” He whispered the words against my skin. “Tonight there is only room for pleasure.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kicked off my heels as he walked toward the open door of his bedroom.

Jitters plagued my muscles, and I struggled to calm myself.

Zane lowered me to my feet at the foot of his bed and picked up a length of blue silk off the coverlet. “Turn around.”

I did as told, my shaking knees knocking against the footboard.

He removed my glasses with a gentle touch and tied my blindfold in place. “I want you to feel, my angel. Nothing else.”

Warm fingertips brushed against my neck, pushing my hair over my shoulder. The zipper on the back of my dress lowered, the slow clinking of tiny metal teeth loud in the stillness of my darkened world.

He pushed the straps off my shoulders, and the material pooled around my feet.

A shiver slid over my skin, pebbling my body in a thousand goosebumps. Naked as a newborn baby, I stood unmoving. Waiting. The apex of my thighs throbbing and embarrassingly wet.

“Turn around.”

The sound of his unsteady voice, full of restrained desire, melted my bones, but I did as told without slumping to the floor.

His hands grasped my shoulders, sitting me on the bed. “Lay back and let me feast my eyes on you, my angel.”

I wanted to be all sexy, slide over his coverlet like a little vixen, temptation he couldn’t resist, but the shaking of my muscles made for one stinkin’ awkward scooting across his bed.

“Spread your legs. I want to see how wet you are.”

Heat erupted within my skin, flushing my body. I did as told.

“You are so fuckin’ gorgeous, Raquel. I wish you could see yourself, all sprawled out and trembling for me.”

Clothing rustled, and I wanted to rip off my blindfold to see him. I grasped at the cover beneath me, needing to touch him, but waiting to be told I could.

The mattress dipped near my feet, and awareness of his presence crept up across me, until the heat of his body and the scent of wintergreen caressed my entire length.

My breaths escaped in pants.

“You have permission to touch me,” he said before capturing my lips and lowering himself flush against me.



  1. Super build up. I'll have to read to get the pay off!

  2. Ah... *swoons* you know how much I love this series :-)

  3. Once I started reading I couldn't stop. Love this tease, Lynn. I need to catch up on this series.