Wednesday, March 21, 2018

#MidWeek Tease "You two will be the death of me." WITHOUT RESERVATION #MMF #EroticRomance #BoxedSet #SpringFling

This week's HOT tease comes to you from WITHOUT RESERVATION, my MMF novella that released yesterday in the Spring Fling boxed set. Enjoy!


Meg moved into the living room and rounded the couch, lower lip between her teeth. Jack slouched on the middle cushion, head back and eyes closed, legs spread. A dark shadow covered his cheeks, his full lips slightly parted.
He’s so perfect.
In near silence, she pulled off all of her clothing and knelt between his legs. She’d yet to have either Trevor’s or Jack’s cock in her mouth, and the sudden urge to taste Jack flooded her mouth with drool.
Gaze on his closed eyes, she ran her hands up his thighs beneath his shorts.
His lashes popped up, revealing sleepy hazel-green eyes. She reached up through his boxer briefs and grasped his flaccid length. The black of his pupils grew as did his cock, filling her hand and tenting his shorts within seconds.
“I want to suck your cock,” Meg whispered, squeezing him.
Jack groaned, and Meg sat back on her heels as he pushed down his shorts and briefs, struggling to get them off of his feet.
Meg bit the inside of her lip to keep from giggling, and the second Jack eased back against the couch again, she leaned forward, her pebbled nipples rubbing the woven fabric of the couch cushion.
Hands on his thighs and gaze on his eyes, she dragged the flat of her tongue up along his straining length. She closed her mouth over the tip, swirled the head a few times with her tongue, and sank down, humming her appreciation of his salty, musky flavor.
Jack’s hands fisted in her unbound hair, and another deep groan rumbled in his chest. “Christ, Meg.”
He lifted his hips to meet her as she sank back down, and she gave over to his guidance of her head. She rubbed her thighs together against the dampness heating her pussy.
The rustle of clothes sounded, and seconds later, Trevor knelt on the other side of Jack’s right leg.
A sharp inhale from Jack, and Meg backed off, running her tongue down the side of his cock.
Trevor leaned in, and a rush of wetness seeped from Meg’s pussy to coat her thighs. Their tongues brushed each other’s as they licked Jack’s cock together. They kissed. Took turns taking him deep. Tongues tangling together and over his straining length.
Meg nuzzled his drawn up balls as Trevor closed his lips around the head.
“Fuck.” Jack gasped, his hips bucking. “You two will be the death of me.”

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  1. Hot tease from a fabulous story. Am reading myself through this box set right now and thoroughly enjoying it :-)

  2. yummy tease! Thanks for joining us.

  3. Hee -- but he'll die a happy man. Faboo tease, Lynn!

  4. Got to agree with Nicola Cameron. Jack will die a happy man