Wednesday, August 8, 2018

#MidWeekTease “I see you’re hard for me and we haven’t even started.” DON'T LET GO #DarkestDesires #BDSM #FemDom

Don't Let Go, Darkest Desires 1, released last week, so I decided a TEASE was in order!

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I only had two subs booked for the night -- Mr. Jenner being the first.

While heading to the private rooms, I considered my plan for the evening. He’d enjoyed clamps and a crop, so I was ready to introduce him to a little more.

The thought of sliding a ring over his cock and balls tingled my body with arousal, and although my stomach twisted, I couldn’t help the small smile tugging on my lips. Would he like the flogger? The stripes I would leave on his ass and thighs?

I wanted him strung up with the chains from an overhead ring attached to the exposed ceiling beam. A spreader bar would keep him immobilized while I worked him over.

Butterflies took flight in my stomach as I pushed open the door, and my breath caught at the sight of slave on his knees, his head bowed. Same as with the first time, a subtle shift in the room’s ambiance made me all-too aware of him, the hints of his musky aftershave and male flooded my senses.

Tearing my gaze off his tanned, broad shoulders, I noted the overhead chains and dangling cuffs. “Good evening, slave,” I said, my voice lacking its usual bite as I strode toward him.

“It is, Mistress.”

His olive oil-like tone swept over me, and I locked my knees to keep them from shaking as I crowded into his personal space. What was it about him that roused my body, my thoughts, and my dreams? Unlike the first time I’d met him, no anger overrode my response to his masculinity. I wasn’t sure what to make of that fact.


He rocked back on his heels and rose in a fluid motion. He must have practiced the action over the week since I’d see him last. Inside, I smiled at the thought he wished to please me.

“Why are you here?” I heard myself ask rather than bark out a command for him to lift his arms.

His head tipped up until his hazel-green eyes peeked through his long, blond lashes.

The oxygen from the room seemed to zap from the air, and I fought to breathe as he studied my face. “To please you.”

I lifted one brow as though unmoved even though I wanted to melt at the sincerity and longing in his voice. “Well.” Stepping back, I slid my gaze down over his pecs, the dips of his abs, the luscious V leading to the thick cock jutting from between his thighs. “I see you’re hard for me and we haven’t even started.”

“Yes, Mistress.” His attention remained on my face, unnerving me.

“Eyes down, slave.”

He obeyed without a word.

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  1. A great scene with delicious tension, eroticism and emotion. I love a well-written femdom, I will definitely read that book.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the tease Lilah! Hope you enjoy the rest of their story.

  2. Fabulous tease. Love this story :-)