Thursday, August 2, 2018

#NewRelease FriYAY - ONE DAY EARLY!! A little #UrbanFantasy #FF

I know, I know...I'm posting one day early. That's because tomorrow is Don't Let Go's world-wide release, and I'll have some goods to share with you all.
So. One day early...
Check out these new releases!!


Windswept Series
by Serenity Snow

Keywords: Urban Fantasy, Interracial, Romance, Erotic, F/F

Azar-Rai is a demon hunting politician determined to bring the demon regime down. At the same time, she’s a woman who loves a good time and she thought Madison was it. After their one night of uninhibited passion, Azar-Rai didn’t expect to see the dark breed again. 

However, she was wrong. The two women face off on the field of battle but the passion between them becomes a firestorm that neither of them can contain. They both realize an affair is dangerous and their heat could become nothing more than a commodity to be traded on as both sides seek the upper hand. 

Choices will have to be made, alliances formed, but in the end, will they betray each other or risk their lives for love?


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