Wednesday, September 5, 2018

#MidWeekTease: DIGGER Fallen Gliders 3 #MCRomance #Excerpt

Digger, Fallen Gliders #3, released last week!! SQUEE!!! Figured I'd give you all a little tease. :)
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I leaned down, eyeing the ball and lining up my cue. “Fourteen into the six, into the corner.” Shutting out the eighties music overhead that Jonny insisted on playing in the club, I focused on my finger bridge and the balanced grip of my right hand. A gentle slide forward sent the cue ball right where I’d said, sinking the six into the corner pocket.
“Bastard,” Hawk grumbled around his toothpick, and Janie laughed. She was on one of her manic highs where she infused everything and everybody with life. I’d seen her lows—Mother Mary bless the girl and Hawk for his dedication to her.
She’d started their relationship on lies, but turned her back on her own father to prove her loyalty to Hawk—and our club. Draped against Hawk’s side, she snuggled against his much taller frame, her eyes sparkling and full of love as she gazed up at him. What a pair they made, always touching in some way, both looking at each other as though the whole world existed in the other’s eyes.
Got my poetic side going every damn time I hung out with them. Also brought on the beginnings of depression.
To find a love like that…
I turned back toward the table and lined up my next shot, breathing easy, focused like a laser even though my stomach twisted with longing for what they shared. I wasn’t about to find it with any of the club whores. I’d had them all, dozens of times and ways, but never felt anything more than the satisfaction of blowing my load and releasing tension for a while. Besides, I was a hideous motherfucker and found everyone and everything new suspicious.
Ball sunk, I meandered around the table, eying the few remaining. Only one clear shot, a combination that a novice would scratch on. Once more, I leaned down.
A shiver slid down my spine, standing the hairs of my neck on end. Brow furrowed, I called my shot and slid the stick forward.
I fucking scratched.
“Capone!” Hawk called, and I glanced over my shoulder with a scowl.
Capone, another of our Fallen Glider brothers sauntered into the club, a woman tucked under his shoulder.
Long, pale hair like moonlight hung to her waist. Curves to kill for with just enough extra a huge man like myself wouldn’t have to worry about splitting her in half while fucking his way to Elysium. My cock swelled in my jeans as I stared at her.
Pretty boy Capone led her to the bar and pulled her down sideways onto his lap as he sat. He whispered in her ear, bringing a blush to her cheeks and a smile to her generous lips.
Lucky fucking bastard.
I jerked my head around toward Hawk.
He smirked, and Janie laughed again. “Your shot,” he said, glancing past me toward where I’d been staring.
Jaw clenched, I focused on the game—or tried to. Lining up my next shot put Capone and his woman directly in my line of sight. I glanced up from the cue ball. She turned, and our gazes collided. Hazel eyes, bright like the stars…
I missed the ball completely.

© Lynn Burke 2018

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