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Flog Me, Sir, Bonds of Worship 2, First Chapter Reveal Day 4 #BDSM #Erotic #Romance #Billionaire #Series #HEA

As we wait for Flog Me, Sir, the second in my Bonds of Worship series, to release on October 15th, I’m sharing the first chapter in parts over the next couple of days, so stay tuned!

Flog Me, Sir, Bonds of Worship 2
Chapter 1, part 4

My attention wandered toward the gorgeous man countless times as the evening wore on, and I became enamored by the beauty of his front that outshone the perfection of his back. Dark eyes with perfectly arched brows, sensually curved lips that curved in a slow smile more often than not, melting my panties—and probably every other woman’s on the estate except Lily.
I recognized Garret Edwards from the covers of tabloids, but images on paper didn’t begin to capture the socialite’s gorgeousness or charisma. The son of a famous actor and director, Garret had lived his life in the limelight, being seen with countless women. Rumors were hundreds of women littered his past, creating a name for him, whether true or not.
Two women hung on him, one on each arm, acting like permanent fixtures, same as the cocktails in their free hands. I focused on the story in my mind rather than the heart breaker I couldn’t seem to keep my focus off of.
Guests began to trickle out the front door, leaving a mess in their wake. One final tray of empty glasses in hand, I made my way to the kitchen on tired feet, more than ready to collapse on my bed in the staff’s wing and scribble down all the words filling my mind.
“That’s the last of them,” I told one of the two extra hired hands Mrs. Hummel had brought in to help with the dishes.
She’d also hired a catering company, using their flatware and linens, but like me, she didn’t hand control over easily. She still ruled her kitchen domain, eyes bright and cheeks flushed even though she had to be close to eighty and the clock read two in the morning.
“There’s my Tillie girl!”
My heart skipped at the suave baritone I recognized from overheard conversations while sneaking through the crowd.
Garret slipped through the kitchen, sidestepping workers, a grin on his face. He focused on Mrs. Hummel, and I stared as he swept her up into his arms, planting a loud kiss on her wrinkly cheek.
She giggled like a much younger woman. “Where in the good Lord’s name you been, boy?” she asked while glowing and patting her hair as Garret set her back on her feet.
“Pining for you,” he said with a light laugh before kissing her other cheek.
“You.” More giggles escaped through her pursed lips as her gaze twinkled up at him.
I took note of the two women standing in the kitchen doorway, the same he’d had tucked to his side all night. Feigned smiles were plastered on their faces.
I turned back to soak in the presence of a god come to life, tucking away little nuances of how he moved for a new character in my head.
“Grits in the morning?” Garret asked, stooping down to peer into Mrs. Hummel’s eyes.
“My spoiled boy can have whatever he wants,” she told him, patting his cheek.
“You’re the best, Tillie girl.”
A deeper shade of pink infused Mrs. Hummel’s cheeks as she glanced around the kitchen, seeing all of us staring. Her gaze landed on me, and her smile widened, white teeth flashing. “Lissa, come here, child.”
“Yes, ma’am,” I replied on auto pilot, obeying even though I could feel Garret’s focus turn toward me.
I held her gaze, refusing to look at him—because I feared tripping or doing something stupid and making a complete fool of myself.
“Lissa,” Mrs. Hummel grabbed my hand, “this is Garret—the G in JAG.”
I gulped, knowing I had to look up at him.
Eyes dark as espresso peered down at me, the lashes fanning them long and thick enough to make any woman envious. A smile shone in their depths, the type that would tell anyone his character even if he hadn’t flirted with Mrs. Hummel seconds earlier.

He offers freedom.

She fears addiction.

Can Garret coax Lissa to submit to his desire to pleasure her through pain, or will it be her needs that bring him to his knees?

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