Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Flog Me, Sir, Bonds of Worship 2, First Chapter Reveal Day 3 #BDSM #Erotic #Romance #Billionaire #Series #HEA

As we wait for Flog Me, Sir, the second in my Bonds of Worship series, to release on October 15th, I’m sharing the first chapter in parts over the next couple of days, so stay tuned!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Flog Me, Sir, Bonds of Worship 2
Chapter 1, part 3

The Laurents came from money, both of them having grown up in privileged southern families. I’d heard hints of rumors as to how they ended up on an estate deep in New Hampshire, only a few hours’ drive from Boston. Adam’s company, JAG originated not long after, and with his wife having given birth to twins, he had been working from home more often than not. The second of the three CEOs of JAG had left for vacation a few weeks prior. A month-long cruise of the South Pacific on their own yacht, chefs and staff onboard to see to their every need.
The lifestyle of the rich and famous baffled me. Intrigued me, of course, and gave my muse all kinds of luscious fodder for billionaire romance heroes, but I prided myself on keeping grounded in reality.
I lived my fantasies—fulfilled my dreams—in the books I wrote. Dozens of manuscripts sat on a shelf in my bedroom, on my hard drive, and a cloud in cyber space, stories I used to self-heal and one day dreamed of sharing with the world. Writing had given me something to fill the long evening hours as a teenager when my mom and her latest fling occupied the couch to watch sitcoms, drunk and high as hot air balloons. Even after I moved out, barely squeezing by on a grocery bagger and waitress’s salary, I continued my love affair with words, since god knew I’d never have one with a real human.
I’d had enough disappointment in my life to last me to the grave. Choosing safe over what I wanted was the smart thing to do. I focused on what mattered—doing my job and doing it well. A friend of a friend had landed me the live-in job at the Laurents, and I’d never felt more privileged in my life. They had given me the chance at a better life, even if I did scrub toilets, mopped countless square feet of tile and hardwood, and on occasion, helped serve meals.
Being tutored beneath one of the best, I strove to please Mrs. Hummel, going beyond my usual to-do lists with a preciseness I required of myself even in my personal life.
As a kid, the only thing I did have control over was cleaning the shit hole I’d called home. Being a clean freak who loved marking things off her lists had stuck, and the Laurents loved me for it.

He offers freedom.

She fears addiction.

Can Garret coax Lissa to submit to his desire to pleasure her through pain, or will it be her needs that bring him to his knees?

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